Kitchen Utensils

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Here at DotComGiftShop, we believe that functionality should never mean compromising on style. We are passionate about bringing you the very best selection of kitchen utensils, tools that perform well, and look great too.

Make sure that you get the recipe right with our set of four pantry measuring spoons. Featuring a pretty little song bird and connected together by a chain, so you don’t lose them, this set is a real delight for the discerning cook.

Speaking of getting the ingredients right, so many recipes available online, describe quantities in American ‘cups’. But how much is a cup? Well worry no more, because our set of botanical measuring cups features a dainty floral design and four separate cups; a 1/4, 1/3, 1/2 and a full cup measure.

Honey is a marvel of nature. Made by busy bees, it has antibacterial properties and is bursting with summer flavours too. It seems fitting that this most special of natural foods should be displayed in a manner befitting its unique characteristics. This botanical bee honey pot and spoon is a delight to grace any breakfast table.

When it comes to tradition, children’s parties are never complete without centre stage, a big, wobbly, brightly coloured jelly. Your little ones will love the creations you make with our giant blue jelly mould or giant pink jelly mould and for an extra treat, make everyone their own mini jelly using this set of four jelly moulds.

After all your baking, you’ll need a nice cup of tea to relax and unwind and with this unique, red retro spot teabag plate, you won’t stain your worktop either!

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