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21 tasty cake blogs we love

Cake. Everybody loves cake! Which is why we’ve found some scrumptious blogs by chefs and bakers to inspire you in the kitchen. So grab a cuppa and enjoy a slice of some truly delicious cake blogs.


American Cupcake in London

Pittsburgh, Prague, India and now London: Kelly is the American cupcake abroad and she has taken her baking and frosting know-how all over the world. Whether you’ve got a hankering for some rainbow cupcakes or a slice of pretzel and ice cream pie (and trust us, after seeing the pictures, you will) this blog is sure to satisfy your hunger.






Bees Teas

Beckie dreams of starting her own café and serving up some truly excellent afternoon teas, but for now her blog is the home of all her scrummy cakes. Thanks to her easy-to-follow recipes and mouthwatering photos, you can create your own traditional family fruit cake or ‘very best’ chocolate fudge cake. This is the home of sheer baking indulgence!






Cake of the Week

A cake every week? Now that’s an idea we can get on board with! This enthusiastic blogger is a baking addict and chemistry student, so she can use her invaluable scientific knowledge in the kitchen. From the classic cream tea to the deliciously quirky chocolate aubergine cake, there’s no shortage of sweet creations to get your teeth into here.






Cakes from Kim

Kim loves to hear from fellow bakers, as well as people who like to eat cake (that’s us!), so we thought we’d share her lovely blog with you. At university, she discovered baking was a great way to relieve stress. We have to agree - what better way to let go of the tensions of the day than with a nice rocky road cupcake? Or two, or three...







The blogger behind Cherrapeño moved from Arizona to a small village in England, and now she cooks for her family and shares her exquisite dishes online. Her cakes are more than just desserts: they’re little works of art. Take her raspberry cupcakes with sugar curls, for example - they’re certainly worthy of being in a gallery!






Claire Bakes

Is a love of baking hereditary? Well, it definitely runs in Claire’s family. She learned the art of creating pure deliciousness from her mother, and now she’s sharing her passion with the world. Why not pass on a little of the love yourself, by whipping up your own brownie heart? It has Rolos in it, so you can really show someone you care by giving them the last slice...






Cookie's Cakes and Bakes

It’s true what Nicola (aka Cookie) says: ‘some things just require cake’, which is why she’s created her blog, the ultimate in culinary therapy. There’s a cake for every occasion, from a strawberry and white chocolate cake for summer days, to red velvet cupcakes that would be perfect for Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t get better than this!






Cooking, Cakes and Children

Amy is one busy mum - as well as raising two children, crafting and running her own cake decorating business, she still finds the time to update her fabulous blog. Here you’ll discover her cute pictures of family life, meal ideas and, of course, a healthy dose of cake. Anyone for an animal cupcake? The kids wouldn’t say no!






French for Cupcake

French for Cupcake is a little bit special. Here the worlds of fashion and food combine, into one big celebration of fabulous clothing and yummy treats. As Claire says, ‘Eat cake, wear nice things and be comfortable in your own skin!’ It’s not just the clothes that turn heads here; the stunning chocolate Cointreau cake deserves plenty of attention too!






Half a Pot of Cream

What started out as a place for this blogger to keep a record of her recipes, has turned into a huge online recipe book that will definitely get your creative juices flowing. After a small teatime treat? The pretty pink fairy cakes should tickle your fancy. Want something a little more indulgent? Check out the chocolate and hazelnut cake. Yum!






Jo Blogs Jo Bakes

It’s not every day that you come across a blog by a dentist who loves to bake! Jo Blogs Jo Bakes is one of these rare specimens and it’s delightful. There’s a carrot, orange and pistachio cake that’s simply to die for, and ‘otherworldly’ sticky buns that look truly heavenly. So tuck in - this blog is just what the doctor ordered!






Lay the Table

What’s better than a cake? A cake topped with cake pops, of course! Lay the Table has it all, including top tips for piping buttercream, loads of great sweet and savoury recipes, and even instructions for mixing your own fruity drinks. So whether you’re hungry or thirsty, peckish or ravenous, be sure to stop by: this blog is a feast for the eyes.






London Bakes

Kathryn is a cake aficionado - she loves eating and making them, and she’s determined to create the best quality cakes she possibly can. It’s no coincidence that they look beautiful too ... just take a peek at her sumptuous blackberry and coconut cake. If you’re after a blogger who uses the only the best ingredients, plus a little added sparkle, then look no further!







Never mind just making these cakes, you’ll probably want to put pictures of them on your walls! Em is truly an artist in the kitchen, and it’s no wonder: she spends virtually every spare minute she has reading and learning all about baking. Her skill really shows, especially when it comes to the no-bake chocolate fridge cake. Seriously, art. 






Nelly's Cupcakes

This brilliant baker can turn her hand to pretty much anything. Cakes, cookies, even marshmallows; you name it, she’s made it. But cupcakes are her speciality, and it’s easy to see why. Her Maltesers cupcakes are mini masterpieces and her carrot cake cupcakes look too good to eat. Well, almost...






Riverside Baking

Baking is Stephanie’s ‘creative outlet’, and it’s her lucky friends, colleagues and family who get to test out the scrumptious things she makes. She experiments with weird and wonderful recipes - we’ve never tried chocolate courgette cake, but we’d like to - as well as rustling up classics, like cute butterfly cakes. This blog is well worth a visit!







Step into Vineetha‘s kitchen and take a look around. Here you can get your taste buds tingling with her chocolate banana cupcakes or - prepare yourself - vanilla cake with strawberry mousse and white chocolate ganache! Whichever delicious dish you choose, don’t forget to take it outside - Vineetha much prefers to eat under the open sky. What a lovely idea!






The Cake Hunter

Sophie is an old hand at blogging, but it wasn’t until she started writing about her true passion - baking - that she found her niche. Now she surrounds herself with cookbooks, food magazines and recipes from the internet, and rustles up a whole host of spectacular cakes. Among them is the ultimate chocolate cake, and it’s as awesome as it sounds!






The Littlest Bakehouse

Thanks to this little gem of a blog, it’s clear that size doesn’t matter. Even if you’re seriously squeezed for kitchen space, you can still produce some truly grand dishes, like the chocolate and banana filo wraps, or a tasty spiced rum pumpkin pie. With The Littlest Bakehouse, the proof is literally in the pudding.






What Kate Baked

Kate has a bit of a sweet tooth and, after a hard day at work, she likes nothing better than to whip up some sweet treats in the kitchen. And what a repertoire of divine desserts she has! There’s enough here to satisfy everybody’s sweet cravings, from apple and cinnamon scones to a chocolate orange cake that’s fit for a queen. This is the place to go for real baking inspiration.






Your Sunny Side Up

Nazia just loves hot buttered toast, cheese and - of course - all the delicious treats she bakes! You can follow her recipes to make every meal of the day, from tasty appetisers to mouthwatering desserts. Her yellow cake with vanilla buttercream frosting looks absolutely stunning (and we're sure it tastes amazing too). There are loads of cakes here to get your sweet tooth into!






If you know of any other blogs we should add to our list, please do contact the blogging team at dotcomgiftshopblog[@]gmail.com.