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Wall Clocks

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Whether for keeping the kids on time for school or leaving on time for work, a wall clock is a must for every home.

Here at dotcomgiftshop, we haven’t wasted time in gathering together a wonderful range of timepieces for your kitchen, hallway, living room - in fact for anywhere in your house where you need a reminder of the time.

To emulate the super swish decor of the 1950s American diner, check out our wonderful range of Diner Wall Clocks - choose from colour options that include our Red Diner Wall Clock and our Ivory Diner Wall Clock.

An equally retro look comes in the form of our refectory wall clocks; our Red Refectory Clock is just one of the options we offer. For those after a timeless classic we have the Classic Station Clock which offers a truely rustic style.

For something a bit different, our French Jam Gingham Kitchen Magnetic Clock could be a good choice for your kitchen.

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