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Vintage Apple

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This juicy selection of apples and pears products from dotcomgiftshop is perfect for bringing that light, airy feel to your kitchen and home. What better way to enjoy an invigorating morning coffee, than by sipping it from our delightful pear design coffee mug. Matching mugs look great when guests come for a cuppa and our complementary apple designs are sure to go down a treat. When it comes to home baking, do it apple style. Our snazzy apple apron, will make you smile, and our super useful apple corer will make preparing snacks easy. When the oven pings and lunch is ready, pull on a matching apple oven mitt. Looking for something for the laundry room? How about our peg holder? When the girls come over for lunch, or maybe for a special family meal, make a real spread with this red apple tablecloth and add pizzazz with matching apple napkins. Taking sandwiches to the office? Give a working lunch a taste of the outdoors with this recycled, foil lined, apple design lunch bag. And make sure that you’re never without a handy, apple tissue - just slip a pack into your bag - perfect for when you need to freshen up. dotcomgiftshop - because apples and pears are always ‘a peeling’!