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Trinket Pots and Boxes

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It’s important to keep little things safe, so if you’re always misplacing your necklaces or losing your earrings, why not try a jewellery box from dotcomgiftshop? They’re really useful and they look great too.

We have boxes to suit every taste. Those with a sweet tooth will enjoy the Chocolate Truffle Gold Trinket or the Pink Doughnut Trinket Pot.

For vintage chic fans there’s the Filigree Heart Trinket Box, or the Decorative Filigree Glass Dome with beautiful filigree detailing! Or if understated, dark colours are more up your street, how about the small Embossed Metal Heart Trinket? This small trinket can be hidden in the smallest of places for the smallest of treasures.

If you only have a few little things to store, you might like our glass trinket pots, or if you are after something for the children's treasures how about our cute Red Owl Ceramic Trinket Pot

Keep the pretty things you love in jewellery boxes from dotcomgiftshop - they’ll be in safe hands!