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Toys Games and Activities

Here at dotcomgiftshop we’ve got some great toys and games for both structured and unstructured play. For make believe play - how about a Children's Tea Set? It’s a traditional favorite that will provide hours of entertainment as dollies and teddies interact at the party. Talking of tradition, we’ve got some excellent Sports Day Games that will appeal to children as well as grown ups. Anyone for playing some traditional wooden games such as Spinning Tops or a game of rounders with our garden rounders set? For the fun in you why not take a look at our Classic Practical Jokes - we have got all the traditional ones to get all the family laughing. For a rainy day, we have a collection of Vintage Games like the Vintage Ludo Game - time honoured favourites that are sure to keep boredom at bay. For a windy day we have a fantastic range of Kites and Gliders - fun for all the family! And to encourage patience and spatial awareness, as well as giving a gift that’s really good fun, you won’t go far wrong with one of our delightful Jigsaw Puzzles. dotcomgiftshop - it’s child’s play!