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School Milk

Nothing harks back to nostalgic school days like a tasty glass of milk, and with dotcomgiftshop's school milk range you can recreate those dreamy days in style. Of course, you have to start with the classic, ever popular mini milk bottle. Whether you use it for milk, your favourite juice, as a desk tidy or even as a vase for handpicked flowers, you won't regret getting your hands on this adorable little glass bottle. If one just isn't enough you can always get a crate of six milk bottles , complete with a cute wire crate! You can also get hold of handy holders for your school milk bottles. Whether you want to use them for serving up drinks at a party or at a picnic in your back garden, the wire milk bottle holder makes it easy to carry as many little bottles as you need. They're not just pretty, they're practical too, and you can top off each bottle with some lovely vintage paper straws. We have red stripe straws, blue stripe straws and pink stipe straws, so you're sure to find a style that's approriate for any occasion. Celebrate your school days the old-fashioned way, with gorgeous school milk products from dotcomgiftshop!