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Whether it's sewing for fun as part of a craft project or simply fixing a button back onto a shirt, it's always useful to have a sewing kit handy and dotcomgiftshop have some excellent products to choose from. If you want to cover all your sewing needs with one product, our Vintage Deluxe kit is highly recommended and comes in a beautifully designed metal tin. We also have smaller sewing kits, perfect for those on the go like our Vintage Doily Travel Sewing Kit, perfect for storing away in a draw for all those sewing emergencies like our vintage crafts stork scissors which are a must have! For something suitable for children we have got Owl scissors, an essential for all their crafting projects like our popular Home sweet home cross-stitch kit and traditional wooden knitting dolly set. What's a sewing project without our heart sewing pin wheel and our vintage red apple pin cushion - we have got it all covered. A lovely vintage product is our Gentleman's Shirt Repair Kit, which is great for the executive man who has everything. dotcomgiftshop - we've got it sewn up!