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Lunch Bags and Boxes

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Lunch bags and boxes from dotcomgiftshop make lunchtime tasty again - in fact, they're almost as good as a free lunch! Packing lunch for your little ones? Send them off to school with a cute kid's lunch box and they'll be the talk of the playground. (Even better, they're easy to clean too!) Need an eco-friendly option?

Try our recycled lunch bags! They're made from recycled plastic bottles and available in several stylish designs - like the mid-century poppy design - so they're easy on the eye and the planet! Dare to be different? Our bento boxes are ideal for lunch with a little eastern flair. They come with a matching spoon and fork so you can eat your meals on the go, and you can check out our Japanese porcelain for more pretty kitchenware. Don't skip lunch - dotcomgiftshop has lunch boxes to suit every taste!