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Decorative lighting is the key to creating the right mood. Whether you are enjoying a candle lit dinner in with your partner, making a child’s room cosy or adding a touch of class to your living space, here at dotcomgiftshop, we have a wide range of decorative lighting solutions to suit your needs. Nothing creates atmosphere like Decorative Candles. From Gift Boxed Candles to Scented Candles for a bath time treat, we have something for every occasion. Every room needs a focal point, so why not give a feature a little lift by installing Battery Operated Lights? Also a fun option for children’s bedrooms, they are a great way to accessorise without breaking the bank. Most children are at one stage or another a little bit afraid of the dark but our great range of Decorative Lights could be just the answer you’re looking for. Strings of lights that enable a child to see without making the room so bright that they can’t sleep. Lanterns and Table Lamps are perfect for cosy evenings in and for that touch of decadence, be sure to check out our Chandeliers. dotcomgiftshop - another bright idea!