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How to Place an Order

If you are a new customer and not logged in:

To place a product into your basket simply click on Add to basket, this will place your item in the shopping basket.

View basket: If you wish to view your selected items. 

Edit basket: If you have selected an item to be removed from your basket this will update and recalculate the current cost of your basket.

Checkout: If you have finished your selections and wish to complete your order and pay.

As part of the checkout process you will now need to enter an email address and enter your address details.

If you are an existing customer:

To place a product into your basket simply click on Add to basket.

The basket box which is always visible on the right-hand side updates immediately.

Log in to access your saved addresses and proceed through checkout.

The number of items is visible along with the total.

You can click on "Edit basket" to edit, remove, increase and change quantity of items in your basket.

You can click on "checkout" to finalise your purchases,  you can select a previous address for delivery or enter an alternative one.