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Gifts for the Home

If “home is where the heart is” then family and friends will always appreciate house gifts that make it feel even more like a home. And dotcomgiftshop have got every room covered.

Ever noticed how hallways can become overlooked in the decorating scheme and devoid of style? With our range of home decorations people will always feel welcome.

The newly moved will find it hard to say no this handy display cabinet. And our large selection of doormats means that you’ll be bound to find one to suit anyone, especially with quirky designs like our moustache doormat and the more traditional rose welcome doormat.

Know someone in need of new lamp? There are plenty to choose from in our range of decorative lighting, including a particularly dashing string of festoon lights.

A gift doesn’t have to be decorative, it can be practical and it’s both then that’s even better. Plenty of your kitchen gifts are great to use and fantastic to look at including our lovingly styled vintage kitchenware gifts.

Even bathrooms can be jazzed up with our never mundane bathroom decorations and gifts. Especially brilliant for those who enjoy their bath time.

And there’s no need for bedrooms to ever be dull. Our range of bedroom gifts will make even the chilliest of rooms come to life.

Finally, we haven’t forgotten about outside the house. In our garden products section there’s everything you need need to have the prettiest time outside.

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