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Gifts for Kids

Gifts for kids are usually the most fun to choose and buy, and it's even more fun now you can do it right here, online. You will find lots of unique gifts for kids on these pages - just browse away and choose gifts for children that are bound to put smiles on faces. There are plenty of gifts for boys. Those who enjoy playing pirates will love our Skulls and Crossbones collection. With many pirate themed gifts there’s also plenty of party decorations for birthday parties with a high seas theme. If you’re dealing with boys who have imaginations that are a bit more out of this world, then why not give them something from our Spaceboy range. And not to leave the girls out, we have plenty on offer for them as well. We have some pretty tea sets that are just right for doll tea parties. Or if they fancy having a go at baking, our kids cooking equipment will certainly get them started. For something a little bit different on their birthday, why not give them a play house set? You could even join in with them putting them together. Older girls may prefer something more decorative. Our cute cookie compact mirror is perfect for girls that feel grown up. Creative kids will definitely enjoy the craft kits and stationery we have available. There’s plenty to keep even the most picky child amuse. Finally, we haven’t forgotten about babies either. Our collection of baby gifts features adorable baby playsuits, like the Spaceboy gift set - perfect for a newborn wannabe astronaut! dotcomgiftshop - gifts galore for kids!