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Dolly Girl

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If you like cute retro design then you’ll love the dolly girl range from dotcomgiftshop. We have all sorts of things for your little ones, featuring the adorable dolly girl design. Dolly girl can be with your baby from the very beginning, with this lovely baby gift set, which includes a playsuit, hat and bib, all presented in a polka dot box. There are plenty of things for older children too. Breakfasts don’t have to be boring, especially with this great childrens tea set. And why not send your little girl off to school prepared, with a dolly girl lunch box or dolly girl lunch bag, and dolly girl backpack?

Stuck inside on a wet Sunday afternoon? You could throw an adorable dolls’ tea party! We have gorgeous bowls, cups and cutlery so that even the teddy bears will want to join in. And why not while away the hours with a magic drawing slate, or a game of dress up with Sandy's wardrobe fridge magnets? We’re sure you’ll love the rest of our dolly girl products, and don’t forget to check out our full range of gifts for children.