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Candles and T-lights

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Decorative candles are an inexpensive way to make any occasion special and are the perfect gift for a loved one or friend.  Here at dotcomgiftshop, we have a wide variety of candles to suit all occasions. Add creative flair to children’s parties with our fun Birthday Party Candles, aim for total relaxation at bath time by lighting one of our Scented Candles, or provide a warm glow to an evening barbecue with selections from our stunning range of Garden Candles. We even have Easter themed t-lights like our cute Easter Chick T-lights - we really do have t-lights to suit every occasion. Visiting friends?  Why not take along a gift that’s sure to provide amusement and be a talking point.  We have some stunning Novelty Candles and Novelty T-lights that are sure to fit the bill. For a gift to a loved one or friend, check out our, butterfly t-lights which are an absolute must. dotcomgiftshop  - shedding a little light on things!