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Children's Tableware

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dotcomgiftshop has a huge selection of tableware for children, so if you’re looking for some cute crockery for your little ones, you’ll be sure to find it here.

Roll up, roll up - your kids will love the circus parade tableware! See the giraffe and the lion march around childrens mugs and bound around bowls. And where’s the ringmaster? On the egg cup of course!

There’s nothing like an egg for breakfast, and we have so many egg cups to choose from your children could use a different one each day! Our character cups are particularly special - meet Henrietta Hen egg cup, Milkmaid Ingrid egg cup, and Milkmaid Heidi egg cup. Don’t forget to choose your favourite.

Our SpaceboyDolly Girl and Rusty the Fox and Friends product ranges include melamine tableware, so you don’t have to worry about broken crockery. And we have everything you’ll need, from childrens cutlery and flasks to handy beakers.

Make sure your children enjoy every meal, with tableware from dotcomgiftshop. We have plenty of beautiful dinner tableware for adults too.