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Cake Stands

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When you've got beautiful cakes that have been lovingly prepared and decorated, with real attention to detail, it's important to display them properly to do them justice.

Fortunately, thanks to dotcomgiftshop's range of amazing cake stands, that's never been easier.

Ceramic Fairy Cake Stands

We've got the most beautiful collection of fairy cake stands, all hand painted onto high quality ceramics, they look equally at home at afternoon tea as they do at weddings or children's birthday parties, like our three tier biscuits Cake Stand.

Regency Cake Stands

For something a little more classic and certainly very British, our superb 3 Tier Regency cake stand is a quality product with some intricate detailing on each of the plates, we even have more Regency Tea products to match!

White Cake Stands

If you like to keep your displays simple to ensure the cakes get all the attention, our collection of sweetheart cake stands are perfect and come in a range of styles.

These are just three types of cake stands, and we've got plenty more styles to choose from including our botanical cake stand, our vintage glass scalloped cake stand and many others aside.

We're also pleased to say that whether you need a 1 tier, 2 tier or 3 tier cake stand, we've got more than a few to choose from.

dotcomgiftshop - the home of the cake stand!