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Lunch boxes around the world

We’re all too familiar with news articles bemoaning the fact that children in the UK are getting more unhealthy.  

Horror stories about school meals that contain too much fat, processed food and sugar. But it needn't be that way.

Here we have scoured the globe to see what's inside kids lunch boxes in other countries and what's been done to battle childhood obesity.


Japanese lunch boxes

Image source: svry 

We reckon the best school meals are to be found in Japan.  Lunchtime is a part of the curriculum where children learn about nutrition, manners and how to socialise over their meal. And kids who take a packed lunch to school take a ‘bento box’, packed with delicious and imaginative treats made of rice, fish and vegetables, some of which look like works of art.


Italian lunch boxes

Image source: monkeybusinessimages

Italy - why would anyone want to take a packed lunch to school?  While there’s no choice when it comes to the menu, a typical meal is three courses, packed with vegetables, pasta, olive oil and fruit. Burgers are banned because schools are forbidden to fry anything - and get this - all produce fed to kids has to be organic - delizioso!


Spanish lunch boxes

Image source: jborzicchi

Many schools in Spain cook their own tasty lunches from scratch - and even those who bring lunch with them often have three courses; salad followed by a main course such as Paella and fruit for dessert.  Some even take a miniature bottle of olive oil - how healthy!


Norwegian lunch boxes

Image source: jabiru

Not quite so tasty perhaps - but still pretty healthy, Norwegian children’s packed lunches usually consist of wholemeal or rye bread with cheese, ham or salami. Yogurt is often included and many Norwegian schools play a part in helping to keep kids healthy by providing milk and fruit. Interestingly - crisps are regarded as “sweets” and are strictly forbidden.


French lunch boxes

Image source: michaeljung

French girth is growing with some 15% of Gallic kids now considered overweight. But schools are fighting back - vending machines are banned, packed lunches frequently not allowed and nutritionists are employed to make sure that the kids eat well.


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