Wedding Presents

You have received your invitation and decided on an outfit, but what do you give as a wedding present?  Some couples make it easy for you by providing a wedding list - but even if they do, why not step outside the box to surprise and delight the blissful couple by making a purchase that they were not expecting?

If the happy couple plan a tropical honey moon then why not help them on their way with the Union Stripe Hammock With Fringe ?  They’ll love the look of the colourful cloth and while we can’t promise that they’ll be thinking of you as they laze in the sunshine, you’re sure to be the first to get a thank you letter!

Perhaps you’d like to buy some linen?  If so then you won’t go wrong with our top quality White Quilted Cushion. Ideal for use on a sofa, it’s sure to be a treasured memory of that special day.

Of course the traditional purpose behind the giving of Wedding Gifts was to provide the basics for equipping the couple’s first home.  If you’d like to emphasise practicality, then we have some wonderful ideas for you.

Space can be an issue in the modern kitchen and this is particularly the case for starter homes.  Our stylish 3 Tier Cake Tin Green And Cream offers a simple solution, if you can’t spread out - move on up with our ingenious cake tin high rise.

Staying in the kitchen, our Bread Bin Diner Style Red combines usefulness with vibrant styling either as a stand alone present or to complement our Red Kitchen Scales if a kitchen set is what you have in mind.  

As a memento of the special day why not give a picture frame?  The Wooden Picture Frame White Finish would look lovely on a bedside table or dressing table, while the Family Photo Frame Cornice will undoubtedly go down a treat.

And don’t forget if you are helping to organise the wedding we also have selections that enable you to find the perfect Wedding Favours, Wedding Decorations or Wedding Accessories for a perfect wedding day.

We really try to think of everything to make the nuptials go without a hitch, even down to protecting you or your guests from the vagaries of the weather with our range of elegant Wedding Umbrellas.

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