Vintage Wedding Decorations

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Attention to detail can transform a wedding, adding that special feeling of opulence and luxury that makes a very special day even more memorable.

Vintage accessories and decorations evoke an era of gentility and charm so we at DotComGiftShop have put together a collection of vintage period pieces to complement your wedding day.

Tea lights add a magical touch to wedding day decor and what better way to show them off to their best effect than with the vintage white T-light Holder or the heart t-light holder, as a symbol of love.

Add that finishing touch to your place settings with Set Of 4 Keys Napkin Charms or Leaves Napkin Charms, and complete the look with white heart place setting- a lovely low key way of directing your guests to their seats.

Its impossible to second guess the British climate so keep your bride cool on a sunny day or dry if it rains with this stunning Edwardian Parasol which comes in a very pleasing pink too!

A centre piece for the table is a must these days and for a decoration that can be used again and again, we recommend White Metal Lantern or French Lantern.

Ribbon is a wonderful way of adding adornment without breaking the bank.  As you’d expect, we have plenty to choose from - try our hearts ribbon for variety choose the set of 6 country style ribbons.

DotComGiftShop - wedding quality with value for your special day!