Vintage Glass

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Vintage glassware is so evocative of times past that here at DotComGiftShop, we couldn’t resist assembling a collection of exquisite glass to grace your home.

Remember schooldays when ‘milk time’ was a daily ritual? Now you can relive those mornings when the milk monitor passed around the little bottles. Our traditional school milk bottle will hold a third of a pint of fresh creamy goodness - and it makes a fab little vase for flowers too!

Glass tealight holders are just perfect for spreading a shimmering, evening glow. Transform outdoor settings with this delightful hanging jam jar t-light holder. Perfect at bath time or any time, is this set of 6 multi colour floating t-light holders - just fill with water and set the light adrift!

What a wonderful way to display your baking skills - this scintillating botanical glass cakestand - will make your creations look fab, or how about our fantastic range of glass biscuit jars - but don’t expect your baked goods to last long before they’re gobbled up!

DotComGiftShop - vintage glass to make your home shine!