Unique Easter Gifts

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Don't just do the same-old this Easter, try something other than a chocolate egg.

Here's a collection of unique Easter gifts to consider, courtesy of DotComGiftShop.

Easter Tote Bag

Our stylish Rabbit Design Cotton Tote Bag makes for a super-cool Easter alternative. Perfect as a standalone gift, but fill it with lots of little goodies if you want to make it extra special.

Easter Decorations

Fill your home with whimsical decorations and suddenly it's transformed into an Easter wonderland. Our Hen House decorations and Easter Bunny wreaths come highly recommended.

Egg Cosies

Children of all ages love eggs and soldiers, so why not ratchet up the excitement with one of our stylish Egg warmers? Choose from a range of rabbit egg coseys, all of which are perfect for the Easter holidays. 

Bunny Stickers

Here's an idea. Get your hands on one of our packs of 12 Sticky Bunnies and stick them up around the house. Challenge the kids to find them all and hand out prizes when they do. Simple, cheap and keeps the kids entertained for hours (providing you hide them well enough of course).

Trinket Boxes

DotComGiftShop stock a range of beautifully designed trinket boxes, which make excllent Easter presents. Fill them with trinkets from our superb jewellery colleciton and suddenly you've got a superb gift idea at unbelievably cheap price.


Need an Easter gift
that lasts the year round? Our stunning birdfeeders are as stylish as they are sturdy. Make a project of putting it up with the children and noting down all the different birds that come to visit.

Vintage bunny egg boxes

Our vintage bunny egg box is a thing of beauty. A lovely gift in it's own right, but you can double the excitement by putting another small Easter surprise inside.

Pink bunny watering can

Add some excitement to watering your allotment this Easter with our Pink Bunny Watering Can. Unfortunately it won't make your plants grow any quicker, but as least you'll stand out from the crowd.

Cookie Cutters

Here's the plan: Get our set of 20 Assorted Plastic Cookie Cutters, bake some delicious cookies and hand them out as Easter gifts instead of boring chocolate eggs. Original and tasty!

Hilda the Rabbit

Here's an Easter gift idea for the kids or maybe even someone whose young at heart. Hilda the Candy Spot Rabbit is a beautifully made, 100% cotton, soft cuddly toy, who needs a loving home this Easter.

Hot Water Bottles

Hot watter bottles make excellent gifts for any occasion and DotComGiftShop have a superb collection. We recommend our Fawn Blue Hot Water Bottle for Easter, but do check out the entire range.

DotComGiftShop - helping you find unique Easter gifts this year!