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T-lights and Candles

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At Dotcomgiftshop we have a fantastic selection of novelty t-lights (or tea lights if you prefer), with something to suit every taste.

Our wedding cake t-lights are sleek, elegant and look good enough to eat, perfect for a wedding occasion. Just remember they're made of wax!

Make sure you avoid the same hazard when it comes to our scrumptious chocolate love heart t-lights as they too are bound to fool any unsuspecting passers-by.

Alternatively if you’re after something a little less culinary and a little more funky our set of 6 black bird t-light candles or our set of 6 t-light butterfly candles are sure to catch the eye. Perfect for sitting outside in the garden.

And whether it's Christmas, Halloween, Easter or some other special occasion you're celebrating, we've got a huge selection of t-lights to match, including our set of 6 Easter chicks t-lights to name just one of many.

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