Paisley Rose

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The Paisley fabric motif takes its name from the town in Scotland, but its ancient origins are Eastern.  Paisley has been around for such a long time in fact that it’s more than just a design classic - it’s a vibrant style icon.

No range of gifts would be complete without a Paisley collection and DotComGiftShop is sure that it won’t disappoint with its Paisley gifts.

Have a Paisley morning - drink your morning cuppa from our Coffee Mug Blue Paisley Design or Coffee Mug Pink Paisley Design and then have your breakfast served with Paisley Rose Egg Cup and Paisley Rose Jug.

And our Paisley treats don’t end there.  Write your shopping list in your own Blue Paisley Pocket Book - you can even make Paisley fairy cakes with our delightful Pack Of 60 Paisley Flower Cake Cups.

DotComGiftShop - pretty in Paisley!