Oil Burners and Incense

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Nothing adds atmosphere to help you relax and unwind like the delicate fragrance of incense.


Here at DotComGiftShop we have an enticing selection of fine quality incense, scented candles and incense burners to help set the mood at bath time, bed time and whenever you need to feel that little bit rested.

Vanilla is harvested from an orchid native to Mexico. It is often used as a flavouring for food and as an essential oil in aromatherapy so why not try our Vanilla Incense In Tin? It smells delicious.

For ultimate relaxation, jasmine and honey scented Fairy Dreams Incense smell Divine and for a heady aroma to heighten the senses, Dragons Blood Incense is made from tree resin.

The delicate scent of rose incense is beautifully presented in our Origami Rose Incense In Tube and with the delightful Porcelain Buddah Incense Holder will help to create that gentle, meditative calm.

Scented candles make for a special treat or a little gift for a friend or loved one, and from Origami Lavender Incense/candle Set to Origami Sandlewood Incense/candle Set, you’re sure to find the perfect fragrance to raise the spirits and sooth the soul.

And for all your favourite essential oils, Blue Ceramic Oil Burner looks absolutely sensational.

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