Mothers Day Gifts & Presents

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We’ve all been there at some point (believe me) - shopping for Mothers Day gifts and having precisely zero idea what to buy.

As much as we all love our mothers, you can end up cursing their name when you're traipsing around some crowded shopping centre, without a clue what you're looking for.

Luckily, help is at hand from DotComGiftShop. Here are some quickfire 2012 Mothers Day gift ideas to help you on your way.

First Mothers Day gifts

How about this for an idea for her 1st Mothers Day gift: Present her with one of our stunning keepsake boxes and tell her that every year, she'll get something to put in there to remind her of how much she means to her children. A really thoughtful, unusual 1st Mothers Day gift, that she can always keep close to her heart. View our full range of keepsake boxes by clicking here.

Mothers Day gifts for mothers to be

The ideal gift for a mother to be is something she can put aside for her bundle of joy. Our stunning range of baby grows gift sets are perfect and come in cute presentation boxes too.

Affordable Mothers Day presents

If you're on a budget and just looking for something inexpensive to get your mom for Mother's Day, jewellery makes an excellent gift. We've got bracelets, brooches, necklaces and all kinds of other stylish trinkets to offer. Take a look at our jewellery department to view the entire range for the ideal cheap Mothers Day gifts.

Unique Mothers Day gifts

This is a really lovely gift idea and something truly original. Our range of Towel and Soap sets really are to die for. Shaped like the prettiest cakes you can possibly imagine, they're presented beautifully and make a truly unique present for Mother's Day. Take a look at the full range by clicking here.

Funky Mothers Day presents

If you're mom is a little bit cooler than the rest, you'll probably be looking for a gift that fits the same bill. Our retro gift section is packed full of excellent ideas. One of DotComGiftShop's personal favourites though has to be our set of 6 Retro Design Coffee Mugs. Uber-cool in any kitchen.

Perfect Mothers Day gift

OK, this is slightly cheesy, but the perfect Mothers Day present any mom can get from her kids is love and attention. It's not chocolates or flowers.

Even if you're not the affectionate type, you can show you care by going to that extra effort with the gift you get for them.

That's where we come in!

DotComGiftShop - making mums happy this Mother's Day!