Lunch Bags and Boxes

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Quality lunch boxes that stand out from the crowd can be difficult to find, but thankfully DotComGiftShop have a stylish range to choose from with some truly unique designs.

What about  a Dinosaur lunch box or a Circus Parade lunch box, perfect for kids heading back to school.

If a lunch bag is the preferred option then what about a Dress up Dolly recycled Lunch Bag or for the boys - a Spaceboy Design Recycled Lunch Bag?

And for pirates large and small, you won’t go wrong with Black Skull Lunch Bag - like all our lunch bags it’s lined and made from recycled plastic - keeping food fresher and looking after the environment at the same time.

For that little snack between meals or to keep crudites and nibbles separate - we also offer a selection of delightful nested containers - like Woodland Design snack boxes and Fruit Design snack boxes.

Taking a lunchtime snack to the office?  Stylish and practical, our lunch boxes and bags are easy to clean and offer some great design options.

Choose the Apple Design Lunch Bag  or the Alphabet Design Lunch Bag proof positive that lunch is for people with taste.

DotComGiftShop - now that’s packing a lunch!