Kitchen Storage

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Cakes, biscuits, and homemade bread - there’s nothing quite like food freshly baked at home. But once you’ve made your delicious treats, don’t just put them in any old container. Give them the DotComGiftShop treatment with some of our lovely kitchen storage tins.

Keep your cakes fresh with this retro-style cake tin - it almost looks good enough to eat! Or if you’ve been experimenting in the kitchen, try our set of three pantry design tins, for sweets, biscuits and cakes. Maybe you’d prefer to keep your mouth-watering creations a secret? In that case, stop biscuit thieves by hiding your treats in our ingenious recipe book storage box so you can snack in secret.

Are you a fan of jam? Now you can store it just like granny did with this delightful rustic gingham jam pot. And you can keep all your family’s favourite recipes in this great recipe box.

It’s not just your own baking that needs storing, of course, and we’ve got the rest of your kitchen storage needs covered. Our retro storage tins are available in all shapes and sizes, to hold everything from pasta to herbs. And if you loved the pantry design cake tins, then you might be tempted by the set of pantry spice tins. Simply beautiful!

For modern and retro kitchen storage there’s DotComGiftShop. Look at our full range of kitchen items here.