Father's Day Gifts

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Fathers Day facts: Fathers Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June in most countries, including the UK and US.

The occasion is a direct spin-off from Mothers Day. In 1910, Sonora Smart Dodd from Washington thought, while listeningto a Mother's Day sermon at church, that she would also like to honour her father. Although it took many years for Fathers Day to be recognised as an official celebration, Dodd remains credited with its invention.

The original Fathers Day involved attending a church service, followed by a meal. However, over time the occassion has become far more commercialised with many companies producing specialist Fathers Day gifts and cards to mark the event.

Buying cards and presents for Fathers Day is now very much the norm, so DotComGiftShop have put together this collection of Fathers Day gifts to ensure you don't have to look far to find the perfect item.

10 unique Fathers Day present ideas

1. Invite dad to relax by hanging our superb Union Jack hammock in the garden and bringing him a nice cold drink. If the weather fails you, fear not, as it works just as well hanging it up inside the house.

2. If lazing around isn't your dad's cup of tea, our Traditional Box Kite is a great Father's Day gift for a man of action. Whether just in the back garden or down at the park, you'll be onto a winner.

3. A Sunday fry-up is an unofficial Father's Day tradition for many, and it wouldnt be complete without a cup of tea in the Gentleman's tea mug, which makes an ideal gift for the dad who loves a cuppa.

4. If he's more of a bicycle enthusiast, we have a fantastic range of bicycle themed gifts, that not only look great but are incredibly practical too!

5. If he's sporting a soup strainer, then our moustache doormat is the ideal novelty gift.

6. Or if he's constantly running late, our stylish retro alarm clocks should keep him in line.

7. For a film-lover, what about one of our stunning classic popcorn holders? Get him a DVD, make him some popcorn and fill this fantastic retro container to the brim with deliciousness. Sorted.

8. Tell him he's number one with our fantastic numbered mugs.

9. If he's always pottering away in his shed at the bottom of the garden, our pottering in the shed metal sign should be right up his street...or garden path.

Of course, these are just a selection of Father's day gift suggestions from our range. Make sure you browse our entire site, which is jam-packed with all kinds of hidden treasures that are just perfect for your old man.

Dotcomgiftshop - Father's Day sorted!