Easter Gifts

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It doesn't have to be an egg, you know. There are plenty of other Easter gifts you can get for people.

Let's be honest as well, how much chocolate can we really eat? There's always something sweet knocking around to eat at Easter anyway, so the last thing people need is more sugar.

Getting a present instead also shows you've ventured further than the local newsagents. So try something different this Easter with DotComGiftShop.

Here are some great ideas for alternative Easter gifts for your family and friends:

Unique Easter Gifts

Instead of buying a bunch of flowers, be different and try hand-making a felt trinket box or butterfly cushion. The trick is to think different. If you’re considering flowers, then buy a flower mug or scented candles. And if Easter bunnies aren't quite your taste, buy a piggy night light instead!

Personalised Easter Gifts

Homemade gifts are the best way of making your Easter present personal. You can bake some Easter fairy cakes for all the family or try your hand at needlework and make your own Easter rabbit cushion.

Easter Egg Gifts

Easter egg gifts do not have to be chocolate. Easter eggs can be purely decorative and a great way to brighten your home during spring. If you want a real egg gift for Easter, try an egg cup or woolly egg cosy. You can even get a house for your Easter eggs.

Easter Bunny Gifts

Easter bunnies come in many forms - our favourite has to be the rabbit night light. What could be cuter than an Easter bunny giving your room a soft glow at night? There's even a baby bunny light too!

Easter Gift Baskets

If you can’t decide what to get, then get a bit of everything and present it in an Easter basket. There are many little Easter trinkets to fill a basket such as pink rabbit craft kit, toadstool t-lights, or a bunny watering can. To really impress buy some cheap chocolate Easter eggs, scrap the packaging and arrange them in a wire egg basket.

Easter Gifts for Children

No children’s Easter party is complete without an Easter egg hunt. Give the kiddies an Easter bucket each to store all their finds and set them off to find all the hidden Easter eggs. At the end of the day send them home with Easter tins filled with chocolate eggs for their tummies, and rabbit pencils for their creativity!

Chocolate Easter Gifts

Chocolate Easter gifts don’t have to be edible. It’s hard to avoid the walls of chocolate Easter eggs in your local supermarkets, but chocolate does not have to be fattening. Chocolate comes in many fun forms such as cake soap sets, chocolate candles, and even a chocolate compact mirror with which to admire yourself.

DotComGiftShop - giving you some variety this Easter!