Easter Decorations

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Getting your house and garden ready for an Easter party or an egg hunt is great fun, but it can be difficult to come up with good Easter decoration ideas.

Fear not, DotComGiftShop are here to help with your Easter decorations and offer some much-needed inspiration.

Easter Egg Hunt Decorations

Right, the first thing you need is to hand out the Easter Egg Baskets to each team so there can be an official count at the end to determine the winner.

Then, decorate the area with Painted Metal Pears or anything else from the superb DotComGiftShop Easter collection to add a real sense of magic to the occasion.

Finally, tell everyone to get hunting!

Easter Party Decorations

We've got some many great Easter decorations, we've decided to split our list of suggestions into themes to help you find exactly what you're looking for. 

Vintage Easter Decorations

To create a truly rustic look, why not hide one or two surprises inside a Woodland Gift Box? Or how about Decorative Paper Eggs, which are emblazoned with beautiful vintage designs.

Hanging Easter Decorations

Where do we start? How about with our brilliant Patchwork Fabric Birds? Our Hanging Bunny decoration is another favourite, or what about our pretty Hanging Butterfly? All of these stylish decorations really do help create an Easter wonderland, filled with magic and excitement.

Chicken Easter Decorations

Well, you can't have eggs without a chicken can you? Our Easter Rainbow Chicks are just lovely, as are our gorgeous Easter Chick T-lights. Dot them around the garden or give them out as prizes. However you choose to use them, kids will love them.

Metal Easter Decorations

Metal decorations are always a great investment because they're hard-wearing and can be re-used year on year. Our ornamental Aviary Birdcage lantern makes a stunning centerpiece to any Easter table decorations, as do our little Silver Bells.

But if you prefer homemade Easter decorations, make sure you check out our felt craft section, which is full of great products you can put together yourself.