Decorative Wall Signs

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They can be tongue in cheek, humorous or serve as an aide memoir for house guests - we’re talking - signs - whether to amuse or inform, here at DotComGiftShop, we’ve got the lot!

Avoid embarrassing your guests by hanging one of our discrete and tasteful Bathroom Signs outside your ‘smallest room’.

Children love to make their bedroom their own and what better way of encouraging them to assert their individuality that by letting them hang one of our Charlie and Lola Door Signs from their bedroom door - they come with stick on letters so that your youngsters will be able to leave no one in any doubt as to whose room is whose.

And we’ve got some great Kitchen Signs too - for practicality we have the Perpetual Calendar to tell you which British fruit and veg is in season and if you simply want a reminder to put out the recycling or pay the window cleaner - a Hanging Natural Slate Tile is ideal for adding your own message.

DotComGiftShop - signs for the times!