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Contemporary Cushions

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Scatter cushions: just a few here and there can really spruce up a room. So check out DotComGiftShop’s beautiful contemporary cushions, and see what a difference you could make to your living room!

For bright colours try the fantastic red ‘love’ cushion cover - the perfect antidote to a dull living room. And why not try putting a Patchwork Apple Cushion on your chairs for deliciously divine dining?

Our Rusty the Fox cushion covers not only look great, they feel beautifully soft too. To accompany rusty we even have Rusty the Fox and friendsHoney the Hedgehog and Mr Badger featured on our cushions.

Perhaps you prefer the subtle elegance of French style decor? Then look no further than our Belle Jardiniere cushion and Le Jardin Botanique cushion covers, and make your house a Home Sweet Home with DotComGiftShop.

For more decorative ideas for the home, take a peek at our floral patchwork cushion covers. We’re sure you’ll like them!