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Children's Tea Sets

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Little ones just love the idea of helping mummy or daddy in the kitchen so here at DotComGiftShop we’ve put our heads together to come up with some gift suggestions for getting the young people in your life interested in cooking and baking.

Dolls and teddys will just love being invited to tea, especially when your child serves it so nicely from Childrens Tin Tea Set. For those little children who love to dip a biscuit in your tea, we have just the thing for them - our Traditional tea party biscuit set to help them learn their one, two, three!

Children’s parties are never the same without jelly and what better way to show your little people a good time by letting them make their own with our Pantry Design Set Of 4 Jelly Moulds, they’ll love filling the colourful moulds with their favourite jelly - just make sure they wait long enough for them to set!

DotComGiftShop - great ideas for a ‘jelly’ good time in the kitchen!