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Charlie and Lola

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Charlie is seven and his little sister, Lola, is four. She can be a bit of a handful, but Charlie does what he can to help his “small and very funny” sister. Now you can have a little bit of Charlie and Lola magic at home, with DotComGiftShop’s special range of products.

Lola used to be a fussy eater, but thanks to Charlie’s encouragement (and unusual names for food) now she’ll eat just about anything. Why not bring Charlie and Lola into your kitchen with one of our coaster sets? There are two kinds available, featuring carrots (“orange twiglets from outer space”) or tomatoes (“moon squirters”).

Lola can be a messy pup, but it’s easy for your little ones to keep their bedrooms tidy when they feel like they own the space, so let them stake their claim with our brilliant door signs!

Let the fun continue at home with Charlie and Lola gifts from DotComGiftShop. As Lola would say, “Our shop sells everything!”