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Ceramic Mugs

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Ceramic mugs are the most popular kind, as they're durable and can also be stylishly decorated, as this fantastic range from DotComGiftShop demonstrates.

Whether you're looking for a traditional, delicate ceramic tea mug or a more substantial ceramic coffee mug you can properly wrap your hand around on a cold day. We've got a great selection to choose from including the bicycle rider's tea mug and our famous vintage doily mug to name a few!

We've got large ceramic mugs, spotty ceramic mugs and all kinds of other shapes, sizes and styles to help you find the perfect mug. 

Bone china mugs are classified as ceramics, but we've given them they're very own page, so if you're looking for a bone china mug, make sure you take a look at our dedicated collection.

DotComGiftShop - ceramic and spotty mugs for every person and every occasion!