Black & White Wedding

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Classic movies, film noir and vintage Hollywood chic - we have plenty of inspiration for your beautiful black and white wedding!

Your dinner will be a monochrome delight with our stunning table decorations. Check out the Ivory Placemat and vintage cutlery - all available in black and white, of course!

There’s nothing like the glow of candlelight, and you can easily create an enchanting atmosphere with our black bird candle or white heart t-light holders. Or, for something really special, there’s the lovely Moroccan lantern.

Don’t let the weather spoil your big day - buy some of our parasols just in case it rains, or really shines. And why not tell your guests about our brilliant white confetti, so they can send you off on your honeymoon in style?

Black and white is a brilliant wedding theme, and DotComGiftShop can help to make sure your special day is a stylish success!