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Baking Moulds

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Nothing beats the melt in the mouth experience of chocolate.

Perhaps your taste is for smooth, creamy milk chocolate, tangy, bitter dark chocolate, white chocolate or simply, ‘all of the above’, but whatever your preference, nothing beats the taste bud tingling smell of making your own at home!

Great as gifts, home made chocolates are sure to go down a treat with friends and loved ones, try the Chocolate heart Baking Mould or Chocolate Rose Baking Mould - great designs in silicone that show you care.

Also made from non-stick food grade silicone, the Baking Mould Toffee Chocolate is a great shape to let you experiment with various fillings to create your very own signature chocolate sensation. For those lovers of tea and cake why not try our tea cup and saucer silicone moulds - the cakes would go down well with a cup of tea!

Stuck of what to bake during the easter holidays with the kids? Well we have just the thing, our Easter egg chocolate moulds,  a favourite amoung families, and make the perfect mini treat for easter celebrations!

And for an extra special treat, why not try Set of Six Heart Chocolate Moulds; ridged, heart shaped individual moulds - who could resist? 

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