Baby Gifts

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Do you hear the pitter patter of tiny feet?  If so you’ll probably be thinking about welcoming baby into the world with a gift that will delight and amuse.

Here at DotComGiftShop we have a kaleidoscope of bright colourful products for the new little girl or boy in your life.  

You’ll probably feel like putting the flags out when the new arrival comes!  Fortunately we have Red Baby Bunting and even a Patchwork Bunting Cushion in stock to enable you to do just that!

Many new parents will appreciate gifts of clothing for the newborn, Dolly Girl Boxed Baby Gift Set for the girls and Spaceboy Boxed Baby Gift Set for boys.  

If Mum and Dad have chosen to keep the sex of the infant a surprise, then why not play it safe with Circus Parade Boxed Baby Gift Set or I Love London Boxed Baby Gift Set?  All our baby clothes are suitable for the 0 - 6 month age range.

Were you one of those children who had a special teddy bear that you couldn't be separated from?  If so then you can pass on that sense of joy and comfort by choosing something for your little one from our great range of Soft Toys, like this pink scottie dog.

We also have a collection of Children's Wall Stickers, a welcome addition to any nursery, and for those who are looking a little further ahead, we have some delightful Children's breakfast sets and Children's Money Boxes.

DotComGiftShop - everything for baby!